IGU Commission on Local and Regional Development (IGU LRD Commission) 2023年年會將於9月25-29日於南非約翰尼斯堡舉行。

此次會議主題為 Driving Growth and Sustainability:Advancing Local and Regional Development Strategies。


– Economic Diversification and Competitiveness
– Innovation and Entrepreneurship
– Sustainable Development and Environmental Management – Social Inclusion and Equity
– Infrastructure and Public Services
– Socio-economic Disparities, Local and Regional Development – Applications of Land Use/Cover Change, Driving Forces and Impacts at Various Spatial Scales
– Land Use/Cover Change and Land Degradation
– Environmental Changes and Human Health: Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Inequalities
– Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Development in Urban and Rural Areas
– Health Systems Responsiveness to the Changing Social and Natural Environment

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★ 詳細資訊請參考:https://reurl.cc/XLyqnR